Since 1861 when Nevada became a state, no one accused of misdemeanor battery constituting domestic battery ever had a Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial because the offense was “petty” – meaning the maximum term of jail was 6 months.  Under the law, Nevadans didn’t have the right to a jury trial because this offense was deemed “petty”.

How could these be a “petty” offense when Nevadans lose their Second Amendment right for life based solely on the decision of one judge and not a jury of his or her peers?

On September 12, 2019, Michael D. Pariente, Esq. changed that by convincing a unanimous Nevada Supreme Court that this was wrong – that every person in Nevada charged with misdemeanor battery constituting domestic violence must now be given a jury trial.

Read the full Opinion of the Court below:

If you’re wondering what you can do to help save the Second Amendment, you can join different organizations that support the Second Amendment like USCCA!!

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