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Mr. Pariente’s client was pulled over after the Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper observed him on video committing a traffic violation. His client failed all the field sobriety tests, was arrested, and blood tested where his blood test results showed he was .161 BAC which is more than double the legal limit. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Mr. Pariente was able to pick apart key parts of the prosecutor’s case resulting in the judge finding his client “Not Guilty” of Driving Under the Influence.

DUI Trial, Result - Not Guilty

his was a case that Mr. Pariente fought for nearly three years. Mr. Pariente’s client is in the U.S. Armed Forces. A guilty plea finding would have resulted in his client being kicked out of the military because if convicted of battery domestic violence, he would have lost his right to possess a firearm. Obviously, carrying a firearm in the military is a necessary part of the job! And there’s no exception that allows a member of the armed forces to stay in the military if that person has a conviction for domestic violence. Mr. Pariente fought the case from the Las Vegas Municipal Court, did a writ of mandamus to the District Court, then filed a writ with the Nevada Supreme Court, and then took his client’s case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Finally, after putting up a long an drawn out fight, Mr. Pariente was able to get the result he wanted with a reduction to misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace. The City Attorney was previously unwilling to reduce the charges, but Mr. Pariente’s persistence paid off, and his client was able to continue to serve in the military.

Felony Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm and Conspiracy to Commit Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm, Result - Reduced to Disturbing the Peace

This was a particularly tough set of facts for Mr. Pariente’s client. She was observed by the police weaving all over the road. When she was pulled over, the police officer observed her three children in the backseat of her car. The police officer according to his police report, indicated that when he told her how dangerous it was to have her kids in the car while driving that she responded, “Huh? My kids are in my car?” Apparently she was so intoxicated she didn’t realize her children were in the same car she’d just been pulled over driving! She had a high level of alcohol and prescription drugs in her car. After years of fighting the case, Mr. Pariente was able to get her case successfully reduced to a reckless driving.

DUI, Reduced to Reckless Driving

Mr. Pariente’s client is a stockbroker who was being hounded by the Clark County Bad Check Unit and the casinos. They wanted 100% restitution and 10% on top of the amount owed for the Bad Check Unit fees. Mr. Pariente was able to get his client’s case negotiated to just 25% of the total amount owed – and he got a one year plan for his client to pay the 25% back. At the end of the one year after his client has paid back only 25% of the amount owed, his client’s case will be dismissed.

Casino Marker , Result - Dismissed

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